The roof is able to radically change the appearance of the timber house, decorate and personalize. Properly mounted the roof protects from moisture, condensation, prevents heat loss and provides ventilation of your home. Roofing begins with the installation of roof system.
Our company guarantees quality installation of roofing and post-warranty service. Our roofers teams have a high level of training and experience of the roofing. When installing the roof complies with applicable quality standards and building codes. All works are carried out in accordance with state standards and building codes, taking into account the climatic features of the terrain, wind and snow loads.

Woodplace Company performs all types of roofing work with any type of roofing material: metrobond, metal, flexible roofing etc. For houses from profiled timber, technical drying lumber, laminated veneer lumber only sand-cement shingles, ceramic, clay.
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