Our production

We value traditions and take into account the experience of older generations of wooden housing construction. But the world does not stand still: modern technologies can significantly improve the quality and speed of construction of wooden houses. The production facilities and experience of WoodPlace allow us to fulfill orders of any complexity.
Full cycle
From timber harvesting to interior decoration of a built house.
Procurement of materials
WoodPlace is independently engaged in the procurement of raw materials, carefully selecting timber at the sorting stage.
Modern equipment
At our factory, we use the latest European equipment, which allows us to process wood with high precision.
High-tech production
A strict selection of materials and a high-tech manufacturing process are a guarantee of high quality products and a long service life.
Own factory
We produce all the necessary materials at our own plant located in the Brest region.
Good price
The right approach to the house from the first stage allows us to significantly reduce the cost of the house by optimizing waste and rejects.
Fast assembly of houses
A ready-to-build set of a house made of profiled timber arrives at the facility, which allows the house to be assembled in the shortest possible time.
More than 50 qualified specialists work around the clock in the production, providing the production of profiled timber, as well as carrying out continuous quality control.
Processing of timber with fire and bioprotective agents
We treat the timber with special impregnations that improve the properties of wood, protect it from moisture, sun, insects, extend its service life and make it fireproof. After all stages of processing, the timber is marked, which eliminates the possibility of errors and incorrect assembly. The ends of the entire house kit are processed with sealant immediately at the production site.
The pride of our production is the Italian drying complex, which is unique for our country, which allows drying large-section timber in the shortest possible time.
Own production factory of wooden houses
Glued timber
WoodPlace is the only company in Belarus that has successfully launched the production of laminated veneer lumber up to 13.5 m in length. It is perfect for the construction of roof systems and floors in large buildings. Glued beams of increased length withstand an order of magnitude more power loads than solid wood parts and have additional advantages.
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Double timber
It is an advanced building material that allows you to build warm and beautiful homes at an affordable price. WoodPlace offers double beams, the quality of which meets the accepted European norms and standards. Our own production of full-cycle sawn timber allowed us to reduce the total cost of construction, therefore we offer houses from a double beam at one of the most favorable prices in the region.
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We use quality materials for every home
Over the years of building houses, WoodPlace has found a close circle of partners. The cooperation allowed us to combine the achievements and experience of each project participant. Together we build modern homes to ensure a happy life for the owners.
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