House decoration

So your house has been built! Already there is a pleasant foretaste of the future settlement. Already drawn images and room interiors, are looking at the materials. On the way to the house involuntarily pay attention to how homes are built in the area? In style and design? What are the architectural ideas and delights? Congratulations, your house is shrunk and is ready for the final stage, interior decoration.

What is meant by the interior decoration of the house from a bar? Most often, in the house of timber leave the original appearance of the tree. Most impregnation even in two or three layers do not hide the structure tree, and contrary to some extent isolated it.
Important point before impregnation home as the facade and interior walls is grinding (polishing) timber. This is done in order to lay down uniform impregnation paint, especially in areas where the timber shown resin. One can not ignore the fact that the grinding makes the walls more smooth and pleasant to the touch, the beam color brightens. The period between buffing and impregnation the house should be as minimal as possible. The ends of the desirable to cut the same polish and pack sealant before painting.

The next step can be safely hemming roof overhangs. Usually it consists of a variety of hemming batten bar and simulation. Just inside, the roof is insulated and painted imitation already filed. The roof, depending on the design of the house or at the hem rafters or on beams.

A frequent element of the decor in a wooden house - rope. They are like the joints between the timbers and simply place the beams on the ceiling joints. The alternative - processing joints with sealant, which in any case it is recommended to do after 2 years. This procedure eliminates the possibility of thermal bridges, and possible penetration of insects at home.

Windows and doors are only put through siege box. Wooden house not limit your choice of the specific type of floor, after wiring plumbing, you can pour the screed, mounted floor boards, parquet and laminate, cork, tile.

The correct sequence of phases of finishing wooden house - it's your future luxurious accommodation.
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