Doors and windows installation

Installation of windows and doors in a wooden house requires advance preparation and careful professional work. As is known, the beam is made of natural solid wood. This building material even after the technical drying retains the ability to circulate air and react to changes in humidity level around. And, despite the fact that the probability of shrinkage during operation of only a few percent, the inner pressure of timber when non-compliance process can destroy the window frame or door opening.
Woodplace company decides not to issue, and the possibility of its occurrence on the stage beam profiling. In the production of timber siege groove is cut in all the openings in accordance with the project, and on-site erection of buildings added additional elements for a durable grip and precise installation.
Installation of the window begins with the preparation of the opening. The process of implementation of the work involves the observance certain sequence of steps:
Take out a bar siege
Handle opening antiseptic
Delete a siege bar a bit and are wrapped in jute him to avoid possible blowing
Due to the fact that the section of the beam is reduced, but the wrap jute, no problem should the bar enter into the groove opening.
Ways to carry out installation of the siege of the box a lot. Experts choose the appropriate method of installation based on the characteristics of a particular order. Universal solutions do not exist. Refer to the company professionals Woodplace and your windows will be accurately and firmly in his place without gaps and shrinkage!
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