Production of double glued timber houses

WoodPlace offers double glued timber accepted by all European standards. We have our own wooden materials manufacturing, that why we can give lower price for double glued timber.
Advantages of double glued timber houses
Not absorb moisture and not change parts geometry
Absence of external cracks
Not subject to long-term shrinking
No internal stress inside the parts
The predicted grade material
No limitation of length

Double glued timber – is the best building material, initially became widespread in Europe. It allows you to build a warm and beautiful home at an affordable price. Almost all European countries have more strict rules on the wood housing, than the former Soviet Union. Most often they are associated with the thermal insulation of the house.

The double timber was made in Finland. Due to the abundance of forests and good for wood construction climate, Finnish builders were able to bring the construction technology to perfection. They upgraded quality organic material - a bar of solid wood - in a more manufactural glulam. It is possible to avoid significant changes in part geometry and cracking, stress relief and to minimize shrinkage processes. As a result of reduced costs for construction, increased reliability and improved performance of the prefabricated houses.
Features of double timber constructions
Double timber completely eliminates the possibility of arc blowing. And when used in housing sets is a laminated board, which consists of two lamella 40 mm, and avoids the blowing (they are possible when using a dual beam solid wood).
Wide area and bidentate profile ensure a tight coupling "tongue and groove". However, even taking into account the complexity and high cost of consumables used in the manufacture of laminated veneer lumber, house set total cost is significantly reduced due to reduction of timber volume, compared with houses made of solid or laminated veneer lumber usual.
Houses made of double laminated veneer lumber combined the two advanced technologies: frame housing and the construction of laminated veneer lumber. This outwardly indistinguishable from houses built of solid timber, and at a lower price - meet the most stringent European standards for insulation. In addition, this technology allows you to adjust the width of the insulation layer for compliance in particular given region.
For warming the house of a double timber used ecowool. It is a derivative of natural cellulose product, which is not sag under its own weight, it does not burn and does not rot.
What is the ecowool
Ecowool is a chemically inert environment that does not adversely effect on metals in contact with it.

The spray technology are used for material installation. This heater is evenly distributed in the space between the bars, filling all the hard to reach places. As a result, formed insulated surface without seams.
Ecowool specifications:
  • density: 30 to 75 kg/m³;
  • thermal conductivity: -0.032 -0.041 W/m*K;
  • flammability (flammability group) or moderately combustible or completely non-flammable and does not produce smoke;
  • breathability: low for the index insulation density 40 kg/m³ – is only (80-120) × 10-6 m³/msPa;
  • water vapor permeability of 0.3 mg / (h*m*Pa);
  • sound absorption: when the layer thickness of 5 cm up to 63 dB;
  • shrinkage: virtually absent.
WoodPlace is the only company in the Republic of Belarus that manufactures home kits from double glued timber, spliced along the length with trimming problem areas of wood and gluing two 40 mm lamellas.
Double timber production
Housing sets from double laminated veneer lumber is being built on the same technology as the home of an array of technical drying wood or laminated veneer lumber. An additional advantage of this method – easy installation. Construction assembly reminiscent of the modules Lego designer, but using thinner and lighter weight parts.
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